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Vacumount Kit

Vacumount Kit

Vacumount Kit

The Vacumount Kit is the ultimate and most versatile system from Idea Vison to mount your camera, gimbal, lights or other accessories into smooth surfaces such as cars, windows or walls. 

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  • Brand: Idea Vision
  • Battery Type: V-Mount
  • Gross weight: 3.0 Kg
  • Camera Suport: Car Mount


- 1x C3 Vacumount Structure

- 1x C1 Vacumount Structure

- 1x Micro-controlled Vacuum Pump System

- 1x Cable Air Supply 3m

- 1x Tilt Plate

- 1x Cheese Plate Basic

- 1x Vacumount Bowl 100mm

- 5x Safety Hook

- Case with 4x 3/8 Screws + 4x 1/4 Screws + 2x M8 Screws + 10x Washers 

- 2x Trackter

- 1x 8mm Allen Key

- 1x Cable Air Supply Appr. 5m

- 2x Allen Key Pack (Metric/Impresial)